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The case

The client wanted to concentrate on the re-branding and the physical setup of the hotel rooms, aiming to revitalize the space and enhance guest experiences.

With the goal to transform an ordinary, chain-branded hotel into a distinctive pop-up and co-living concept, leveraging innovative design.

Thats why they looked for a partner that supported the operational aspects and technology integration, ensuring the project's success within a remarkably short timeline.

Once the hotel opened, our client only took care of matters relating to technical building management.

Added Value through hostz

While the client concentrated on branding and physical setup of the hotel rooms The hostz team functioned as enablers and hospitality experts, supporting the client's vision and facilitating the operational success of the new hotel concept.

The hostz team implemented a robust tech stack to optimize daily hospitality processes and operations.

hostz employed efficient methodologies to re-open the hotel quickly.

hostz took over day-to-day tasks with 24/7 front office services and active revenue management.

Highlights in Numbers

While the housekeeping was outsourced by the client, hostz enabled to hotel to manage the 350 rooms with 0 employees on site.

becozy Oerlikon
becozy Oerlikon

becozy Oerlikon

From abandoned rooms to daily check-ins within 4 weeks

365 Rooms


Ready to digitalize your hotel and get it back on track?

Whether it's a lack of staff, generational change or a lack of understanding of hotel systems. Our digital services will help your hotel or serviced apartment achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability.

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