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Black Summit Laax

how hostz  automizes manual processes to reduce the workload

10 units

Laax, Switzerland

The case

A newly built boutique resort with spa sought expert advice on the technical and digital set up of its properties.

The resort aimed to automate digital and manual tasks while ensuring the presence of a resort manager/classic host on the property to maintain personalized guest interaction.

The owner desired a partnership where the hostz team would handle all technical set ups, reservations, distribution, and digital guest communication.

Added Value through hostz

Hostz were tasked with the complete set up of the tech stack, optimizing the reservation management, distribution, and guest communication.

The owner was supported by the hostz’ team, who took over all the manual and digital workload, allowing the resort manager  to focus on providing a high-quality, personalized guest experience.

The client actively provided information and feedback about the property, which was integral to tailoring the tech setup and operational processes.

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