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single services to boost performance of hotel

Our digital transformation services for hotels

One-off services

We understand that the hotel industry is constantly evolving and that hotels need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. Our goal is to help hotels leverage technology and transform their operations to meet the needs of today's guests.


Choose our individual services to get your hotel back on track.


Elevate your hotel's online presence with our professional photography services, designed to enhance visibility and showcase your property's best features on websites and booking channels. 


Revitalize your hotel's image and attract new guests with our re-branding services, tailored to modernize your brand and messaging to align with the latest trends and customer expectations.

Interior design fresh-up

Transform your hotel's appearance quickly and affordably with our on-site refresh service, featuring cost-effective yet high-impact interior design measures.

Set-up of Digital Check-in

Setting up an automated digital check-in system for guests, including key system, tablet and other technical requirements.

Automated Police Reporting

Automating the process of reporting guest information to the police, as required by local laws. This can save time and resources for hotel staff and ensure compliance with regulations.

Automated city card distribution

Automating the distribution of city cards or tourist passes to guests (cards offering access to local attractions, transportation, and discounts). This can enhance the guest experience and save time for hotel staff.

Ready to digitalize your hotel and get it back on track?

Whether it's a lack of staff, generational change or a lack of understanding of hotel systems. Our digital services will help your hotel or serviced apartment achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability.

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